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The Shape of Colour
Digital Guitarbook
$18.75 CAD $25
Approx $15.00 USD

If you have heard this album, it really needs no introduction. Like us, you have undoubtedly been refreshed and inspired by what you've heard. Like us, you need to know how in the world this stuff was played!

Well look no further friend! We give you the complete guitar transcription of "The Shape of Colour" - edited and approved by Aaron himself.

We know this book will inspire, motivate, and push your own playing and writing for years to come.

Thanks to you for checking it out, and thanks to Aaron for presenting us with such a mosaic of musical challenges!

Instant Digital Download
Print-Ready PDF - 142 pages

E A D G B E - All songs except...
D A D G B E - Libra

This e-book comes with the complete Guitar Pro 6 files for the entire album - (guitars only)

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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