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Sturm und Drang
Digital Drum Book
$25 CAD
Approx $20.00 USD

The Complete Drum Transcription for Lamb of God's 2012 album "Resolution".

Instant Digital Download
Print-Ready PDF - 113 pages

Sheet Happens is a company which got its start in transcribing guitars. We have since been lucky to get into transcribing other instruments too. While our drum book catalog is still modest, when it comes to welcoming Chris Adler, we are anything but!

We couldn't be happier to have one of the most iconic drummers in heavy music designate US to put out his drum books!

Though he's one of the musicians who represents the positive growth in our drum book department, a quote from his bio tells us he would have fit in from the beginning:

''To this day I play the drums the same way I played guitar. I riff. I focus on syncopation with the guitars and finding a universal pulse within the music''.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.
Welcome aboard Chris!

This e-book comes with the complete Guitar Pro 6 files for the entire album (drums only)

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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