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Dead Language
Printed Guitarbook
$30 CAD
Approx $24.00 USD

The Complete Guitar Transcription for The Flatliner's 2013 album "Dead Language".

126 Pages
14pt front and back covers with high gloss UV finish.
Black plastic coil binding
70 lbs offset pages printed on 98 bright white superior stock
*Plastic coil binding lays flat while reading and won't warp or break during shipment.

We here at Sheet Happens have had the pleasure of knowing the guys in The Flatliners for years. It has been our pleasure to not only watch them grow as handsome men, but also as proficient musicians.

When we first approached Chris about doing a guitar book, he laughed directly in our faces - asking only after minutes of laughter: "are you serious?"

We had to choose our response carefully - Chris is the kind of guy who'll know if you're trying to inflate his ego. But we WERE serious! And we hope we wreaked of sincerity when we told him we thought people would genuinely improve and advance, both as players and songwriters, from having learned their tunes.

We imagine that we rambled on about brilliant chord voicings, accomplished song-writing, and a whole bunch of both meaningful and memorable riffs before Chris stopped us. "Okay, we will do the book bahds."

...and the rest is history.

**Featuring an Introduction from Trevor Reilly of A Wilhelm Scream**

E A D G B E - All Songs

This book comes with a copy of the PDF e-book and the complete Guitar Pro 6 files for the entire album. (Gargantuan Value!)

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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