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Quiet World
Printed Guitarbook
$30 CAD
Approx $24.00 USD

The Complete Guitar Transcription for Native Construct's 2015 album "Quiet World".

108 Pages
14pt front and back covers with high gloss UV finish.
Black plastic coil binding
70 lbs offset pages printed on 98 bright white superior stock
*Plastic coil binding lays flat while reading and won't warp or break during shipment.

With a common vision of breathing new life into modern metal, several students from the storied Berklee College of Music joined forces to form Native Construct.

Guided by a passion for innovation coupled with extensive study of composition, Native Construct began infusing a wide spectrum of influences ranging from classical to musical theatre to prog rock with their fresh perspective.

Their years of creative experimentation and articulation coalesced to form their debut album Quiet World.

Now, Native Construct is sharing the complete guitar and bass transcriptions so that you can decode Quiet World and shred along with your favourite songs!

E B E A D G B E: Mute, The Spark of the Archon, Passage, Come Hell Or High Water, Chromatic Aberration
B E A D G B E: Your Familiar Face
E A D G B E: Chromatic Lights

This book comes with a download of the complete Guitar Pro 6 files for the entire album. It also includes monstrously in-depth GP5 files of the complete original FULL SCORES by the NC gentlemen themselves. (Exorbitant Value!)"

**Guitar Pro 6 will also open GP5 files**

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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