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Juggernaut: Alpha
Digital Guitarbook
$25 CAD
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There is a reason Periphery stand at the forefront of modern guitar. As we all know, they have three aces in charge of the lumber who all bring their own set of skills to the table. The result is an incredibly rich and rounded approach to the instrument, refreshing and surprising us at every turn. You'd think that with this many great players in the same outfit, we'd get a sense of competition in what we hear. In reality though, these guys broadcast the exact opposite - supporting and inspiring each other to take their collective craft further.

Juggernaut lived up to its name. She's a musical force to be reckoned with and one we are proud to have been a small part of.

We proudly present the COMPLETE guitar transcription of every track heard on this monster double-album. But don't let the page count of almost three hundred intimidate you, this is the kind of book that could last you for years to come.

Enjoy, and may the "pure riff" be with you!

Gb B E A D G B E: A Black Minute, The Event, 22 Faces, Four Lights
Ab Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb: MK Ultra, The Scourge, Rainbow Gravity, Psychosphere
C G C F A D: Heavy Heart
A G C F A D: Alpha

This book comes with complete Guitar Pro 6 files for Alpha. (Big ol' Value!)

Instant Digital Download
Print-Ready PDF - 165 pages

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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