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Digital Drum Book
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The Complete Drum Transcription for Protest the Hero's 2013 album "Volition".

Instant Digital Download
Print-Ready PDF - 98 pages

Presenting the first Sheet Happens drum book in history! We are happy (and heavily biased) that it happens to be for Protest the Hero's "Volition".

The drums for volition were a team effort to say the least! Before Moe Carlson made his official departure from PTH, he co-wrote a handful of songs with the rest of the band. After that, it was all Chris Adler until recording time. During the gap in drummers, the band continued writing and demoing songs (all with programmed drums). Finally, once the album was released, the band officially added Mike Ieradi as their new drummer.

Whew, that's a lot of cooks in the kitchen. But we are all glad they made it work...right?

Our new drummer, and the most Italian member of PTH - Mike Ieradi, was patient enough to go through the entire album and transcribe it note for note. He made mention of any performance tricks and there is a legend at the front to help you along the way.

These are the drums as heard on the original recording.

This is a high resolution digital guitar book.
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