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Digital Guitarbook
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The Complete Guitar Transcription for A Wilhelm Scream's 2013 album "Partycrasher".

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Print-Ready PDF - 178 pages

Arguably one of the best releases of 2013, A Wilhelm Scream's "Partycrasher" has finally been transcribed.

If you are already a fan of AWS, you know how much work you have ahead of you. Partycrasher is full of fast riffing, complicated phrasing and calculated rythmic feel. Trevor and Mike are no slouches when it comes to a challenge, and they have stepped it up again on the fretboard.

It hasn't gone unnoticed either. It's hard to work a day here at Sheet Happens without receiving at least one email requesting their guitar books. We know why this is a popular request...this shit is impossible to learn on your own!

Thanks again to the Wilhelm boys for blowing our hair back and continuing to be one of the most exciting and talented bands around. The pleasure is all ours...

E A D G B E: Boat Builders
D A D G B E: The Last Laugh, Devil Didn’t Know, Gut Sick Companion, Hairy Scarecrow, Iceman Left a Trail, Sassaquin, Walkin’ with Michael Douglas, Wild Turkey, Born a Wise Man
C G C F A D: Number One

* the book includes a magical foreword by Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners!

This is a high resolution digital guitar book.
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