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Digital Guitarbook
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Toss extraordinary composition, brazen technical aptitude and wonderful contemporary musical ideas in a blender. 10 Australian dollars says you end up with a big old glass of "The Helix Nebula".

What started as a studio projected between "two long haired dudes" from Sydney has now become a living, breathing band with big plans. Over here at Sheet Happens Publishing, we couldn't be more happy.

We proudly bring you the complete guitar transcription for "Meridian", their DEBUT ep... frightening that this is their first effort.

The guitar work, as many already know, is beyond masterful. So much one could take away from this 6 song riff-expedition!

D A D G B E - All Songs

105 Page Digital "Print-Ready" PDF file
Download link provided immediately upon purchase.

This e-book comes with the complete Guitar Pro 6 files for the entire album (guitars only)

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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