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Are You Kidding Me? No.
Printed Guitarbook
$30 CAD
Approx $24.00 USD

The Complete Guitar Transcription for Destrage's 2014 album "Are You Kidding Me? No."

192 Pages
14pt front and back covers with high gloss UV finish.
Black plastic coil binding
70 lbs offset pages printed on 98 bright white superior stock
*Plastic coil binding lays flat while reading and won't warp or break during shipment.

For a long time, Destrage was a band of mystery. What are they playing? How are they playing that? What the hell is going on in this music???
They were the band you couldn't put your finger on so to speak. Well, now you can put all of your fingers on them because their entire album has been transcribed!

From start to finish, "Are You Kidding Me? No." is a barnburner. It incorporates pretty much every impossible guitar technique on earth. I don't know how these fellas ever managed to get this stuff recorded, but they did. And they play it even better live.

Enough from us, this is what Destrage had to say about their new book:

"If you liked 'Are You Kidding Me? No.' on record, this book might make you like it more. After all, you can now explore its guitar content and satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Or maybe you will change your mind and straight-up fucking hate it after the second page.." - Destrage

Ahem - we will be damn surprised if you hate this book any time you open it.

C G C F A D - Destroy Create Transform Sublimate, Purania, My Green Neighbour, G.O.D., Where the Things Have No Colour, Before, After and All Around, Are You Kidding Me? No.
A E A D G B E - Hosts, Rifles & Coke, Waterpark Bachelorette, (Obedience)

This book comes with a copy of the 'print-ready' PDF eBook

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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