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Pale Aura
Digital Single
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Periphery's newest EP "CLEAR" put a new spin on the idea of a conceptual release. Each member composed a song of their own, but had to integrate a piece of a larger melodic theme rooted in the EP's opening track. It's a very cool idea because you start to see who's influence is being featured at any given time in a standard Periphery track.

Mark's contribution to the EP is a finger flingin' guitar piece with an emphasis on wild playing, but also a keen sense of song structure and dynamics. His melodic sensibility and wonderful note choice are enough to make all of us envious. However, we are very happy he has given us some insight into his writing and playing so we can use it in our own compositions!

Sheet Happens is pleased to offer our first in what we hope is a series of digital singles from Periphery and many other bands for that matter.

This digi pack is pretty loaded. Herein, you will find:

- a beautifully put together digital single of the song in PDF format. As always, this is a print ready file, so you can take it to any printer in the case you would like it to be a physical page-turner.

- the Guitar Pro 6 file which includes all guitars AND the piano accompaniment heard on the track

- the song itself in MP3 format

- 3 of Mark's custom Axe FX tones which he uses live and in the studio

C G C F A D - Pale Aura

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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