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Digital Guitarbook
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The Complete Guitar Transcription for Mandroid Echostar's 2013 album "Citadels".

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Print-Ready PDF - 118 pages

Take three guitarists with their own distinct styles, give them each a seven string guitar and say go! This seems to be the Mandroid mantra as they dive in again with an incredible collection of songs.

On Citadels, we are treated to massive variation in guitar technique throughout the entire album - many listens are needed before you can wrap your mind around this masterpiece.

You can tell these guys are thinking! They put a huge emphasis on the role of each guitar part and seem to acknowledge the responsibility of having that 'extra' player in the band.

All three guitar parts are presented clearly in this epic page turner. You have James holding down the rhythms, Steve playing the leads, and Sam pulling both worlds together swapping between rhythm and lead playing.

Each song also has a couple tasty little bits of information in what the guys called "Jimbits" (for your jimformation).

The books itself is ringbound with gloss covers and heavy duty paper stock with a silk finish.

This is a must have for any aspiring guitar player. If you haven't heard this album, you are an embarrassment to the guitar playing community and ultimately the human race!

A E A D G B E - All Songs

This is a high resolution digital guitar book.
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