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Digital Guitarbook
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The Complete Guitar Transcription for Pomegranate Tiger's 2013 album "Entities".

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Print-Ready PDF - 240 pages

It would be hard to find a modern guitar technique which isn't explored and mastered on PT's banger of a first full length album "Entities". We imagine one could spend ages mastering one of these songs, let alone the entire album.

That said, if you have the time - it's all here! Every note from the album transcribed and explained beautifully.

The band's lead guitarist, Martin, really took the time to note both right and left hand fingerings. He also made performance notes and marked the tricky sections with picking techniques.

We are proud to say this book has our highest page count for a reason - it's PACKED with information for guitarists to exploit. All skill levels are welcome. There really is something here for everyone!

This wonderful album has finally been transcribed.

E A D G B E and B E A D G B E - All Songs

This is a high resolution digital guitar book.
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