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Printed Guitarbook
$ 30 (CAD)

The Complete Guitar Transcription

We really went for it this time. All main guitar parts AND overdubs are in this book. We beefed up the amount of information with personal notes from Tim and Luke throughout. Song title pages are bolded with black ink borders for easy song-jumping. Fingerings for tricky parts have been laid out for you - that includes multi-fingered tapping lines. We even made note of some of our picking techniques and strategies which the reader is welcome to take or leave!

You get the picture - we are dedicated to making every book better and more accurate. In the PTH line of books, this one blows the others away. If your goal is to play these songs exactly like us, better your playing based on our approach, or straight-up steal riffs and ideas for you own musical career, we welcome you all!

Please enjoy and we encourage you to continue embarrassing us with your Youtube videos!

-luke and tim

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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