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Grind The Ocean
Digital Guitarbook
$15 CAD $20
Approx $12.00 USD

The Safety Fire's debut full length showcases incredible chops, innovative structure and complicated rhythmic prowess. They have somehow brought all this together in a package you can still bang your head to. So many ideas to learn here, it's daunting - but very worth digging into. Make sure you stretch before you open this pup!

A A D G B E - Huge Hammers, Floods of Colour, Animal King, Sections
D A D G B E - DMB(FDP), Circassian Beauties, Grind the Ocean
E A D G B E - Anomalous Material, Seagraves

*this is a high resolution digital guitar book. an immediate link will be provided to you upon purchase

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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