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Supporting Caste
Printed Guitar & Bass Book
$ 30 (CAD)

Back by popular demand, we give you the first re-printing of Supporting Caste...

190 pages of wrist burning, finger hurting, beauty. This is the only way to describe Propagandhi's new guitar and bass tab book from their latest, Supporting Caste.

When you see "complete guitar and bass transcription" on the front cover, we mean it. We sat down with, emailed extensively and edited to ridiculous extents with the members of Propagandhi to bring you this tab book.

It's an unbelievable tool for learning new tunings, capo use, original voicings, and face puckering riffs and solos.

Complete with an introduction by the band and various pictures throughout. Also featuring a "Performance Notes" section where the band give suggestions on tough sections and altered tunings.


* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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