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Compose a guitar solo in Guitar Pro for the Periphery song "22 Faces" and enter for your chance to win 1 of 3 Prize Packs Worth $579 Each! No real guitar needed!

How to Enter?

  1. Check out the FREE OFFICIAL TAB for ''22 Faces'' to see the original solo performed by Jake Bowen ('Jake Solo'' track)
  2. DOWNLOAD THE TAB with Jake's Solo removed and tab out YOUR OWN version of the solo (from bar 74 to 83).
  3. Email your tab of the entire song with your new solo to solocontest@sheethappenspublishing.com.
Please include you full name and ''Guitar Pro / Periphery Solo contest'' in the subject line.

The contest will close on October 26, 2015 at 12PM (EST).

The Prizes:

Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb (the 3 guitarists of Periphery) are going to pick one winner each.

The 3 winners will receive the following prizes:

- 1 Dead Horse Overdrive Pedal from Protone Pedals
- 1 MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay from Dunlop
- 2 guitar tab books of your choice from the Sheet Happens Publishing catalog.
- 1 tee-shirt pack from Periphery at their Merchnow store
- 1 guitar strap from Planet Waves
- 1 fret wrap from Gruv Gear
- 1 Guitar Pro 6 license with additional soundbanks

Each prize bundle worth $579.

We want to thank our great partners for making this contest possible: Protone Pedals, Dunlop, Guitar Pro, Planet Waves, Gruv Gear and Periphery.

About 22 Faces

Drummer Matt Halpern describes the writing process of 22 Faces:

''22 Faces is a song that went through quite a few different iterations prior to its final arrangement. In the end, we trimmed the fat, honed in, and simplified the arrangement we had. The result is what you've now heard on the record. So what's the lesson here? Sometimes it's best not to over-think the creative process. Stick with what comes out first. Don't second guess your creative intuition – it's rare that it will ever steer you wrong.''

That's good advice before diving into your own solo. Remember to think about what might be best for the song, and do your best to stick with your own creative intuition. We want to hear YOU on this track albeit without actually playing on it! Here is your chance to show off how you might have approached the solo if you were in Jake's shoes.

If you need some inspiration when writing your solo, check out all of Periphery's sheet music HERE!

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