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About Sheet Happens Publishing

Sheet Happens Publishing is owned and operated by Luke Hoskin and Tim Millar from the Canadian band Protest the Hero. When we decided we wanted to publish our music in the form of a music book - we didn't know where to start. We asked around for interested publishers and contacted all the big name publishers that you would find in your local music store. Emails went unanswered and our hopes for our very own music books faded.
Then, it hit us. Why the hell don't we just make our own?
So we did!

Since then, we have published all three protest the hero full length albums - shipping more than a thousand of each release around the world. When we saw how well our own books were doing, we realized there were plenty of other bands in need of publishing support. We then set out to create a company which prided itself on printing amazing bands who may not get published otherwise (or at least without giving up an arm and a leg)!

Now, we are on the hunt for bands, past and present, who settle for nothing less than fantastic guitar and bass music. We have some amazing stuff in the works and hope our dedication to accuracy and authenticity oozes from these books.

Here's to music and the people who love to play it!

Luke and Tim

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